Product Details: JPL-611I
JPL Apple-compatible Cross Platform USB Headset

Apple-compatible Cross Platform USB Headset


The JPL-611-I cross platform wired headset has a 3.5mm Apple-compatible jack allowing connection to any Apple device (iPhone 5S and above) and a 3.5mm female port to USB bottom cord you can connect the JPL-611-I to any PC.
  • Single & dual ear models (611-IM and 611-IB)
  • Robust construction with 'soft feel' finish
  • Noise cancelling high clarity microphone system
  • 'Put and Stay' boom arm with smooth ratchet system - holds boom in chosen position
  • Wideband enabled - (future proofing for better sound on standard office telephones, soft phones and VOIP)
  • Sure Fit headband
  • High comfort, background noise reducing, 50mm diameter leatherette ear cushions - optimised for comfort
  • 3.5mm Apple compatible jack - compatible with all Apple devices (iPhone 5S, 6 & 6S)
  • Avaya DevConnect tested
  • Quick Start guide included
  • Headset cloth storage bag, headset hook and clothing clip included
  • 2 years warranty - buy with confidence
Avaya DevConnect   Wildix certified

  JPL Quick Start Guide

Detailed User Guides are available on our Manuals page.

Which deskphones are compatible with this product?

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JPL call centre headset: Apple-compatible Cross Platform USB Headset

JPL-611I ear cushions
JPL Apple-compatible Cross Platform USB Headset Detail


JPL Apple-compatible Cross Platform USB Headset Detail

BL-05+A bottom lead

Our BL-05+A bottom lead with audio controller can be used with this prduct as an optiona extra to allow you to connect the JPL-611-I to any PC device.


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JPL is a volume manufacturer of telephone headsets, selling directly to resellers and branding for other headset manufacturers. JPL supplies innovative call centre headsets as an alternative to Plantronics devices, in both wired and wireless styles.